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Fire up the Private Jet and Escape to the New Season of Luxury

In the world of luxury, ‘too much’ is a phrase rarely uttered. With the likes of private jets, butlers, and personal touches aplenty, the life of the absurdly rich is one which I regularly find myself lusting wishfully over. And nowhere is this more evident than in the top ski chalets in some of the most affluent resorts in the world; exclusive Courchevel, glittering Verbier, and luxurious Lech. Prices are known to hit the tens of thousands of pounds (pocket change to some!) and with demand ever-increasing, luxury ski chalet owners are really having to up the ante in order to even place in the competition for affluent guests. 

Chalet Trois Couronnes in Verbier - Luxury Chalets

Chalet Trois Couronnes in Verbier

Take Heinz Julen, for instance, resident architect of Zermatt, Switzerland. Perhaps better described as the front-runner in the luxury ski chalet Olympics, Julen is known for his artistic, creative, and extravagant designs. His most recent project is the perfect complement to his Backstage Hotel (launched in 2011) and opened its doors just in time for the 2014 season; Backstage Luxury Chalet. Flaunting the world’s first ‘Flying Hot Tub’, Julen has surpassed even his own creative genius and installed a hydraulic hot tub that rises up through the roof and out into the open air. Guests will be transported into another world; breathtaking views, majestic mountain tops, all beneath a glittering canopy of diamonds in the sky. Just don’t forget the champagne.

With designers like Heinz Julen really raising the bar, what constitutes the ultimate luxury accommodation continues to evolve. Worthy chalets must now include indoor pools, hot tubs, spectacular spa facilities, cinemas, games rooms, professional staff, sumptuous living spaces, fully stocked bar areas (nothing less than Moët and Dom Perignon of course), wine caves, garage parking, and ski boot rooms. The sky is quite literally the limit, and luxury shows no sign of descending from the stratosphere.  

If it’s decadent style and sumptuous extravagance you’re searching for then look no further than La Truffe Blanche. Even the name oozes exuberance. Situated atop the Swiss Alps in Verbier, this magnificent seven suite and two superior room palace, occupies over 3,000sqm of opulence. Fusing traditional and classic influences with modern design, this Swiss property offers all the ‘essential’ luxury facilities; cocktail bar, library, home cinema; not to mention the private nightclub. But what really sets apart the self-proclaimed “best chalet in the world” is its 1500sqm wellness suite. Taking inspiration from the Roman Empire, the 15m onyx swimming pool takes centre stage, accompanied by a Finnish sauna and nine treatment rooms (because obviously seven or eight isn’t nearly enough).

La Truffe Blanc in Verbier - Luxury Ski Chalet

La Truffe Blanche in Verbier - Luxury Ski Chalet Photo Compilation

As mentioned previously, think of luxury and it’s the high-end resorts that spring to mind. However, look to the coming season and change is upon us. The name soon to be on your lips for luxury will be the French resort of Tignes. Historically known as the go-to destination for package holidays, more about sports than social status, Tignes is slowly changing public perception, eager to leave its stamp on the luxury market.

New for 2014/15, we’re bringing out the big guns and introducing two new luxury chalets in the French resort, chalet Opal and chalet Amber. Nestled within throwing distance from the Almes piste, both chalets feature hot tubs, private balconies, heated ski and boot rooms, and sumptuous living and sleeping areas. Granted, these properties may not create quite the buzz of opulence and extravagance as some of the previously mentioned luxury chalets, but Tignes is on its way up. Tentatively dipping its toes in the glimmering golden pool of opportunity, the French resort is determinedly placing itself on the luxury map. Watch this space...