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What to Wear for Après Ski

Skiing is one of those rare sports where the après activities are almost as important as the day skiing, so if you're planning to head off to the slopes this winter, you'll be looking for some top tips to help you kick back in style after a hard day skiing. We at IR have the benefit of more seasons than you've had hot dinners behind us, so we've got some pretty good insights into what's hot and what's not in the fashion bubble that is the ski resort.
First of all, we skiers are a practical bunch and you should make sure that your clothing can cope with the extreme low temperatures you are about to subject them to. Materials such as nylon and polyester are ideal, as they’re quick to dry. It might also be worth buying some compression tights to wear underneath trousers; they help aid recovery from exercise, and make sure you pack plenty of soft and cuddly jumpers, and various layers. In a ski resort, layers are always cool.

Copyright: Zueger Erwin - Breithorn with Gobba di Rollin Top

Photo Credit: Zueger Erwin - Breithorn with Gobba di Rollin

If it’s minus fifteen with a wind chill of minus ten, you’ll need to add in a thermal layer beneath your trousers (believe it or not, jeans and leggings are not overly warm) while layering breathable inner layers with thick jumpers  and a stylish coat in a colour that isn’t likely to clash with the bulk of your wardrobe.
Assuming you’ve been back to the hotel to shower before heading out to the bars, a great chunky knit is a must have in a ski resort, especially if you’re a fan of retro prints or kitsch patterns. You won’t need to bring a multitude of different pairs of shoes; if you know you got the occasion to wear them, one pair of formal shoes will do, otherwise, you’ll be most comfortable in snow boots. A stylish and well made pair of snow boots will be able to withstand the salt, the ice, and the sludge that they are caked in each day. 
A hat or some earmuffs are important for anyone planning on spending any time outside the myriad bars that litter the side of the piste, or on the terraces in the centre of the resort; it’s surprising how cold your extremities get when you’re enjoying a vin chaud in the cold Alpine sunshine.
Mooserwirt, St Anton, photo credit tourist board
Mooserwirt, St Anton, photo credit tourist board

Straight from the slopes

If you’re not sure you want the hassle of heading back to change before you hit the bars, make sure to take that into account when you’re dressing for the slopes in the mornings. Wearing ski wear during après ski is standard behaviour in the most famous bars across the Alps, from the Mooserwirt in St Anton, to the Folie Douce in resorts across France, and in a whole variety of bars in smaller resorts. 
For slope side glamour, take a woolly hat and a pair of sunglasses with you, unbuckle your ski boots a little, and grab a beer in the sun! Clashing colours are favoured among the park rats, while chic monochrome with a splash of red is always stylish both on the mountain, and in the resort.